“Tramp Art” Objects Whittled from Cigar Boxes, Scraps

Apr 9, 2021


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The Art of Tramp Art

Tramp Art, also known as chip carving or treen, is a distinct form of folk art that emerged in the late 19th century. It involves repurposing discarded materials, such as cigar boxes and wood scraps, to create intricate and decorative objects.


The origins of Tramp Art can be traced back to European immigrant communities in the United States. It gained popularity during the Great Depression when resources were scarce, and people sought creative ways to repurpose materials.

Materials and Techniques

Tramp Art is characterized by the use of layered pieces of wood that are meticulously carved and stacked to create ornate patterns and designs. The craftsmen often used simple hand tools like knives and chisels to achieve their intricate carvings.

Themes and Motifs

The objects created through Tramp Art reflect a wide range of themes and motifs. Popular designs include hearts, stars, crosses, and geometric patterns. Some craftsmen also incorporated religious symbols and personal mementos into their creations.

Collecting Tramp Art

Tramp Art objects have gained recognition as valuable pieces of folk art. Collectors are drawn to their unique craftsmanship and historical significance. If you are interested in starting a Tramp Art collection, consider the following:

Condition and Authenticity

When purchasing Tramp Art objects, it is important to assess their condition and authenticity. Look for signs of age, such as patina or wear, which can indicate the item's vintage. Additionally, research the artist or craftsman associated with the piece to verify its authenticity.

Value and Investment

The value of Tramp Art objects can vary depending on factors such as rarity, intricacy of design, and historical significance. Consult with experts or appraisers to determine the potential value and investment opportunities within the Tramp Art market.

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